Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Keep in mind that the mere entry of the user's site of Najm Insurance Services or the use of electronic applications that are made ​​available to the public is as explicit consent to be bound by the terms of use and privacy policy.

  1. These are the applicable conditions when you use services provided by Najm insurance services (Najm) on the websites and all applications provided to public or Najm intends to make available to the public. Kindly read these conditions carefully before using the website or the services because you need to commit to these conditions or any other conditions stated by the Najm service providers. On the other hand, any other conditions to any third party users can access their websites via Najm. Najm would like to note that there might be special conditions for some services provided and therefore the user shall be bound by such condition without prejudice to the stipulations of paragraph 15.
  2. Najm does not give you permission to use their services on the website or applications provided by the Najm to the public or intends to make available to the public if you do not agree to any of these conditions. If you have any enquiries, please contact us via the official channels of Najm clarified in the website.
  3. When necessary these conditions may be amended in the future, and we recommend to the user to revise these conditions from time to time to find out if they were amended. It will always be mentioned in the footer of the conditions page the date for last update.
  4. Najm owns the intellectual property, publication, modification, sale, authorization rights and other rights for the entire and all the contents of the websites and electronic applications that Najm provided to the public or intended to be provided to the public. Users or any third parties are not entitled to print , copy, download or transfer by any means, electronic or otherwise, or any storage system electronic information for any of the services offered by Najm, notwithstanding with the stipulations of paragraph 10.
  5. The user (the term user includes all clients, suppliers, employees, visitors, surfers and the like, and those who download electronic applications even if not used) shall bear all expenses and phone fees for using Najm services or visiting the website. They also bear any fees paid to any internet service provider, and there are no fees for connecting users' computers to the intranet. There might be independent fees for any additional services requested by the user or Najm deems upon their sole discretion to pose fees/ financial compensation for some of the services.
  6. The user shall provide Najm with correct, updated and complete information as stated in registration form. Najm undertakes that the authority of accessing your information by authorized people from Najm given that Najm preserves the right to suspend or terminate the users accessibility to such parts of services requiring registration in case the user misrepresented any significant information or any information that incorrect, not updated or incomplete. (Or in case Najm had a reason to question the same).
  7. The user is solely responsible for keeping the secrecy of the password and other details. The user also bears the responsibility for every activity occurring in the users' devices by them or any other party. It is also worthy of noting that if the user is unable to take the reasonable measures to keep the confidentiality of his details, he shall notify Najm directly if any unauthorized usage came to his knowledge or suspected via his own device or any other device.
  8. Najm services are provided to any adult in the age that is legally permissible to drive a vehicle notwithstanding with the traffic law in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.
  9. Cautious use of Najm's services: the users of any services provided by Najm for any purpose not conforming with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to be responsible use. Our services may not be used for commercial purposes or in any way that might lead to interrupting, stalling or making our online services less effective, or in any way that might lead to damaging or breaking another user's device. Our services are also may not be used to transfer any viruses or other files or bugs or download, circulate the same. Alternatively, to copy or download or publish any defaming, hostile, racist, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, threatening or may cause a nuisance or unnecessary concern for any other person or as a method to threaten another person, stalking, harassing, abusing or humiliating him or to gather the personal information of other users, violates or penetrates the rights of any other party including but not limited to copy rights, privacy rights, creating a forged misleading ID or to move or provide unauthorized promoting or junk content such as spam, junk ,serial mail, hierarchical mail and other similar mails. In addition, to provide any content in any way (e.g. by enclosing link) and this might be a violation to such conditions if published directly. Or it can include a virus or a harmful code or it might be damaging to our services online or our computer systems or the computer system of any third party or in any other manner that reasonably might affect Najm.
  10. Najm provides its services on the website or electronic apps only for personal and private use and the use of information and materials should be for any purpose without a written explicit permission from the authorized signatory and the chamber of commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia authenticates such written permission.
  11. Notwithstanding with paragraph 10, the use of Najm's services, materials and concepts does not award him its ownership or the right of assigning them to others, or any other rights for the users or any third parties.
  12. Najm doesn’t bear any legal liability or indemnity for the users in all courts- inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad- or any legal expenses or compensation for any loss, harm, misuse or any other material- emotional or virtual damages including viruses or direct or indirect damages, the explicit, occasional or consequential. Error , delay or damage resulting from using Najm services.
  13. Najm preserves the right to litigation inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad and file claims for compensation of any virtual, material or emotional damages whether direct or indirect resulting from the user's or any other default of the terms o and privacy policy.
  14. Najm requires the user of its services to preserve his privacy and the user should not disclose his full name, home address, e-mail , mobile phone , financial information or any other information , financial information or any other information (other than those explicitly required from the user)
  15. Najm is entitled to suspend the user's access or his use of Najm services if they find out , had any doubt or had any reasonable reasons to suspect using the services for any suspicious behaviors or any other uses to default any of the terms and conditions.
  16. Najm commits to using the best and most updated protection programs for accessing their website and all applications provided for the public use. Najm also commits to consider all laws and regulations issued from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to the field of electronic protection.
  17. Najm preserves the right to disclose the users' personal information in case of any legal or security claim or in case such disclosure was a governmental requirement to solve any issue related to Najm and this authorizes Najm user to use personal information in any purpose that preserves such disclosure and the user can't make any claims for damages or financial compensation unless an actual direct damage occurs. Najm bears no legal liability in case the person information were disclosed to used them in an illegal manner.
  18. All terms and conditions stated in terms of use and privacy policy are severable and in case any conditions was found invalid for any reason whatsoever the remaining terms contained herein are deemed valid and binding to the users.
  19. The courts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its laws are the ruling law for litigation in case any disputes arises concerning the default of the conditions herein or resulting from doing any action that might lead to disrupt the company's reputation. Notwithstanding with the provision of paragraph 19, Najm reserves the sole right for litigation against any user of its services in case the user was located outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In case Najm has the information about his location in a particular country, which makes the country, where the user resides is the country of jurisdiction even if such residence was temporary. The users are not entitled to any litigation outside of the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.