Najm for insurance services is a closed, unlisted joint stock company established in 2007 as the result of cooperation between the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) and the General Department of Traffic in aims to promote the vehicle insurance sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Najm started operating through a group of services including accident review, damage assessment, and insurance claims, and added in 2009 minor accident review for vehicles insured in Saudi Arabia. Najm also offers a complete range of solutions and services for citizens, residents, and visitors in the Kingdom, and serves 40 Saudi cities through a skilled workforce specialized in reviewing accidents and addressing consequent losses, damages, compensations, claims, and other insurance-related services.

With the emergence of Vision 2030 and its ambitious targets, Najm continued the pursuit of its development journey in line with two of the Vision’s key programs, first achieving a comprehensive digital transformation across all its services, and second developing and enhancing the quality of life in the Kingdom. Najm also restructured its entire work strategy by adopting world-class professional and marketing standards to develop a work model parallel to the Vision’s targets. Over the past few years, Najm achieved a series of accomplishments and seized a number of international accolades in what strengthened its position as a beacon of excellence within the insurance services industry.