Vision and Mission


Najm for Insurance Services Company has created an efficient platform to simplify, address, and resolve accident related procedures and formalities. Since its inception in 2007, this Saudi company has committed itself to providing hassle-free and smooth operations within insurance companies. Headquartered in Riyadh, Najm operates according to the regulations set by the law of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Interior, and Insurance Authority.

The company maintains a board of directors, comprising of 9 members, having equal representation of the interests of shareholders and management.

Najm for Insurance Services Company initially had 13 insurance agencies as shareholders. We are now proud to work with 26 insurance companies and aim to make every company related to the vehicle insurance industry a part of our extensive network.


To provide prompt, fair and quality services and solutions for all motorists throughout KSA.


To rapidly attend to the needs of motorists, providing fair treatment, and contributing to the speedy and accurate settlement of claims. We will contribute to enhancing safety standards in the motor industry through analytical information.