Najm expands its traffic and insurance services to

  • - 05 August 2019
    Najm for Insurance Services has announced expanding its services to cover the Uyaynah and Jubailah provinces, located northwest of the Saudi capital Riyadh. This step comes in line with Najm’s expansion strategy aimed at promoting and enhancing traffic awareness and facilitating the delivery of services provided to the Kingdom’s citizens and residents in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic in Riyadh.
    Dr. Mohammed Al-Sulaiman, CEO of Najm, reiterated the company’s keenness to continually expand its operations to new regions and provinces in recognition of the magnitude of its national responsibility in the field of traffic safety.
    He stated that the expansion in Uyaynah and Jubailah will contribute towards improving the speed of service delivery in Diriyah governorate and its provinces such as Uyaynah and Jubailah. These services include access to accident sites at record times, which comes as part of Najm’s new strategy aimed at facilitating access to its services by the largest possible number of customers.
    Dr. Al-Sulaiman added that this effort is consistent with the objectives of the Quality of Life Program regarding facilitating the delivery of vehicle insurance services and accident control to the largest number of regions and cities. He also noted that the company’s expansion is consistent with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in enabling the economy through quality services.
    The number of cities and governorates covered by Najm has so far has reached 36. The company continues to implement several expansion plans to reach as many additional cities as possible, thereby enhancing its professional service delivery.

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